Maths 4 Us – the app index

Driven by NIACE, Maths 4 Us promotes maths education to adults. The app index does exactly what the title suggests  and provides tutors with a categorised list of mobile applications that can be used both in and outside of the classroom. As an ex basic skills tutor I think this is a fantastic initiative and ALT have done a really good job with the website Рthey layout is suburb!

Returning to education and learning basic skills can not only transform the individuals life but also their whole families. I saw many a young mother who had enrolled to class so that they could support their child with their homework in order to encourage an interest in education. As a direct result of the confidence she gained from taking an adult GCSE English class my own mother went from working on a supermarket checkout to pitching then successfully running an holistic therapist pilot before becoming the only Holistic Therapist for Derbyshire NHS. Therefor I know first hand how important it is to spread the word about this initiative and it’s also a good opportunity to make maths tutors lives a little bit easier by introducing them to hundreds of resources. Go on, do a good dead by going forth and spread the word about Maths apps index!