Sept 2014

  • Applied for EMCETT research grant – initial idea based on researching effective methods for training tutors on using an eILP package.
  • Started a module on inclusive on-line learning which focused on creating accessible learning resources.

Nov 2014

  • Started a new post as an HE Study Skills Advisor. As part of this role I deliver specialist dyslexia tuition to students funded by the DSA.
  • Based on the information I have learnt throughout the course, and the low number of students who have been using the study skills VLE, I felt that the Study Skills VLE page needed a revamp. Due to this I changed my action research question into a project focusing on the creation of accessible VLE course.
  • Research project title –  Removing barriers: creating accessible online learning
  • Start work on re-writing Moodle page – focus on creating a multi sensory environment


Moodle Stats 25/11

129 students enrolled


Users inactive for .. No of students
11 months 13
3 months 29
2 months 55
4 weeks 92


 Jan 2014

  • January 28th – discussed low participation with VLE with 2nd a group of HND Public Service students. They explained that they hadn’t used the web page as they felt that they were forced to sign up for it in their 1st year. It wasn’t something that they wanted. Rather than using a web page they prefer to speak to a study skills advisor can receive tailored, rather than generic support.



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