Flying high: social media and international student advisors

planeOur International Student Advisors have purchased iPads to help them keep up to date with their work and deliver presentations to prospective students whilst working abroad. Having never owned an iPad before these colleagues had requested a session to discuss the different presentation apps that are available. They were also interested in the different ways they can use social media to market their service as well as support students once they had started at the university. Below are links to the apps that I discussed with them:

Presentation tools

Google Drive – this can be used for assessing and delivering presentations that are created using Google Docs

Cloud On -‘ brings Microsoft Office to your favourite device’ enabling you to show Microsoft PPT presentations on your iPad.

Prezi – with the app you can run your Prezi presentations through your iPad even if your of-line

DropBox – by uploading your presentations to DropBox you will be able to access then via the app or through the webpage. This is a fantastic back-up option if your likely to leave your presentation materials at home.

Social Media

Scoop It – the web version can be used to create a visual list of on-line bookmarks. My colleagues were particularly interested in using this to create folders of support materials such as guides to local tourist attractions and things to do in Buxton.



Hairdressing resources

JISC, The University of Manchester and _Mimas have come together to create a fantastic resource website for trainee hairdressers and their tutors. Hairdressing Training is the name of the website which contains ‘step-by-step guidance videos, self-evaluation tests, worksheets and guides relating to an expanding collection of hairdressing styles and techniques’ the service’. Another good thing about this site is that the resources are also mapped to the NVQ Hairdressing curriculum.


Embedding employability in the FE curriculum with

Last week I was speaking to an FE colleague about the different ways that TEL can be used to embed employability skills into textile courses. As part of the discussion we were talking about blogs which got me thinking about the widget in WordPress and the way that it can be used to display links to your on-line accounts without the need for any coding. As I use the widget on this blog I demonstrated my account which contains a graphic portrait of myself, a short biography about my professional interests and links to my Twitter, LinkedIn and technology blog. Although I hadn’t thought about using to embed employability in the curriculum my colleague was really inspired and could see huge potential in using the tool with her students especially as she is going to use WordPress as part of her classes so that students are able to build up an on-line portfolio. Could you use with your own students? Now that I’ve been inspired by my colleague I can see the tool fitting in perfectly with media and art and design classesAs well as using the links to sign post employers to their work students can upload their own background image to their page which could be a photograph they have taken, a graphic picture or an illustration.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 17.54.21

Am I in? Using Twitter to increase student employability

This month Dragons Den star Hilary Devey is trying to help young people find work through the VideofyMe app and Twitter. The idea is that job hunters will use the app to create a short video CV which will then be tweeted using the hashtag #employme. Employers will use the hashtag to search Twitter for potential candidates.

I doubt this scheme will take off, it was launched twelve days ago and I haven’t been able to find a single #employme video on Twitter however I do think that video CV’s can be successfully used to support young people with finding work. By uploading the video to YouTube a link could then be added to the students covering letter and text based CV. Students studying practical subjects such as hairdressing, cookery or motor vehicle mechanics could use this method to showcase both their skills and personality. Video CV’s are also a fantastic resource for creative students who could include this in both job and university applications. Instead of filming their CV they could create a short animation or photography slideshow. The first video CV has been created using a simple animation technique and has proved to be extremely popular on YouTube  with 25000+ hits. Despite this a few of the scenes are rather dark and the video could be easily improved. An a class activity you could show the video to your students then in groups get them to brainstorm how the CV could be improved.

The second video is one of my favourite CVs from todays search.