JISC Y/H Summer Conference 2013 #rscinspire13

Today wasn’t like a normal Wednesday, I didn’t get up at 6, I didn’t eat breakfast in the car and I didn’t drive to Derby. Instead I had a lie in, caught the train to Leeds and almost had a heart attack as I undertook the nerve raking task of delivering my first conference presentation.

I was delivering a session ar the JISC Yorkshire and Humber summer conference on ‘how to use interactive posters to engage learners’. My presentation explored how I had use ThinkLink with students in my previous role at Barnsley College.

Feeling rather unlucky my session turned out to be extremely popular and was fully booked before the day of the conference. When my session started they even had to turn people away at the door! Nervously I explained to the participants that this was my first time presenting and that they had to be kind to me. They certainly were as at the end of the session when they they filled out the JISC feedback form and I received two oks, 1 very good and 21 excellent marks!!! I couldn’t believe it. Being my own worse critic I though I thought it was awful as I didn’t feel overly confident or prepared.

During the session I gave a brief overview of ThingLink, demonstrated how to create a interactive poster using the software, discussed how I’d used the software in my lessons and then I worked with the audience to create a bank of lesson ideas. Below are the ppt slides from my presentation as well as a screen print of the lessons ideas that were generated.

ThingLink lesson ideas

Ideas for using ThingLink for teaching and learning

I was asked during the session if ThinkLink posters can be embedded into Moodle and the answer is yes. Once you’ve saved your image click on the embed button on the right hand side and a code will appear. Copy and paste this code onto your Moodle page and once published your poster will appear.

Below are a few ideas for using ThinkLink with Moodle:

  • Create an introduction to the module
  • Introduce yourself
  • Highlight key words and definitions
  • Introduce the equipment you will be using and highlight health and safety
  • Post homework task

If you are interested in using ThingLink  with your students you can download an information poster and how to guide that I created here. To help you generate your own ideas there is also a google docs site that already contains over 60 ideas for using ThinkLink in education – link.


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