Student approved apps

Although I haven’t tested out all of the apps myself they are all highly recommended by my A Level students. Hopefully your students will find these useful too, especially during this stressful exam period.

Apps for education

Click on the picture to see a larger, clearer image.

How some of these apps are used.

Polly who is studying for her AS’s, has recommended PenultimateEvernote Peek and Show Me. Polly uses Penultimate to create hand written notes before importing these in to Evernote Peek to create a series of flashcards that work by slowly removing the iPad Smart Cover. Alongside this Polly uses Show Me to create interactive presentations to consolidate her learning and create a reference point for revision.

Matt who is about to finish his A2s likes to use the note taking app Noteabiliy. He uses it to type, handwrite and draw notes. He’s especially likes it due to the audio record feature which he uses to record his one-to-ones so that he can re-listen to information in his own time whilst adding more detail to his notes.


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