Socrative student response system

Last week I attended a training session on the use of Socrative. Socrative is a student response system that can be used  to create a series of educational exercises including class votes, group competitions and assessments. The best thing about Socrative (apart from it being free to use) is the fact that it provides students a chance to legitimately use their phone in class. The software can be accessed through an app on a smart phone or tablet computer as well as via the internet on a desktop machine.


I have previously used voting pads with my AS students but as I was unfamiliar with the software and found them quite faffy, however as Socrative seems a lot easier to use I will definitely be trying it out with my classes soon.



One thought on “Socrative student response system

  1. Hi Gemma

    I tried Socrative last week for the first time. I have always been put off the voting devices in the past due to the amount of preparation and faffing about needed to get everyone loaded up. I found Socrative easy to get everyone logged on within a couple of minutes. There were a few issues with learners who accidentally logged out but that was because it was our first trial run with the new tablets. I think it went fairly successfully, and the students seemed to enjoy it so certainly one to carry on with.

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