The Pirate

Task 7 of the digital literacy topic asks participants to draw an object on a piece of paper and upload it to the Internet. The participant then asks a peer to draw a related object. This drawing is then passed on to another peer who draws another related object as so on until five images have been created. Once all five drawings have been produced the task is to create a story that links the original object with the last object drawn.

Here is my image.

Pirate story

The pirate.

I’m really excited about this project and can’t wait to see what comes back. To speed the project up I’m going to give people the option of sending me a image they’ve found on the Internet in case they don’t want to draw anything. Here’s hoping I receive four images back.


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be sent all of the images that I needed to create my story, which turned out to be a poem. A big thanks goes out to @LazyPhilosopher @SusanCamp @_Daniel_Scott and @L_Hilt as without their contributions I wouldn’t of been able to finish the project.

So here are my final images and the poem that I made from them.  I hope you like it.

The pirate

The Pirate


There once was a pirate called Brute

Who had a very large chest of loot

He rowed ashore

For a cocktail or four

But was thrown out of the bar when he swore


It’s snowing again here in the UK and is absolutely freezing so the images are helping to keep me warm. I’m going to try out a few new tools later in the week to create variants of this story. If you’d like to send me additional images to include I’ll make an extended addition of the story. I’m really glad that I returned to the #etmooc in time for the digital storytelling topic as I love being creative so am really enjoying this.


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