Jumping into the unknown

This year am I embarking on my first ever MOOC and have decided to take part in the Educational Technology and Media course otherwise known as #ETMOOC. I choose this specific course as I’m an educator who is is interested in technology and media (I have a degree in Film Studies) so I thought this course would be interesting and relevant to my practice. Although  I prodominatley signed up for the experience I’m also hoping to learn a few things that I can use in my lessons. From reading the introductionary posts I’ve already been introduced to some new software that my students can use in their next module. The software is called ‘Bit Strips’ and is an on-line comic strip creator. As the next module that I am teaching is a research module I am going to offer my students the option to use this software as a way of presenting their findings.

As the first tasks for the MOOC asks you to introduce yourself so I’ve decided to make a short video about myself.


3 thoughts on “Jumping into the unknown

  1. I think one of the main things I am loving about #etmooc is the technology share. What amazing fun stuff is available and I didn’t know about it! I hadn’t seen this one, so thank you! @kgitch

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